A. Ostalsky “Oil”

Oil today is in the literal sense of the word the blood of the world economy, as well as one of the main sources of the welfare of our country. How did it happen that it was this oily dark liquid that became de facto the main engine of technological progress, why it was it […]

Money and happiness: is there a connection?

They say that happiness is not in money. But scientists are in no hurry to agree with this statement and conduct serious many years of research to check if this is actually so. If it is still true, then what makes us really happy? If you believe the joint study of specialists from the Scottish […]

7 of your bad habits that you do not even know about

Any habit is an automatically reproducible action without which our life would turn into chaos. The only problem is that not all habits are equally useful, and far from always we are aware of it. Whatever one may say, our whole life consists of habits. It is they who allow us to cope with everyday […]

Household violence in the history of Russian everyday life (XI – XXI centuries.)

Almost every third of us believes that the husband has the right to hit his https://sotacel.com/cambrils/2023/10/03/vhod-v-gama-rabochee-zerkalo-vhod-igrovye-avtomaty/ wife – if there is “for what”. It turns out that such a mentality is an inheritance that our ancestors left us. According to the surveys of Russians, almost every third of us believes that a man can beat […]

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