Any habit is an automatically reproducible action without which our life would turn into chaos. The only problem is that not all habits are equally useful, and far from always we are aware of it.

Whatever one may say, our whole life consists of habits. It is they who allow us to cope with everyday tasks and keep up more. Only some of them can be called toxic – they poison our life, but we do not even notice this.

1. Make a lot of subscriptions for the “free trial period”

The pursuit of “free cheese” causes damage to our financial health: by subscribing to a free trial period, we rarely think about what sooner or later it will end. Then money will begin to be written off from our account – how often do you remember in time to cancel the subscription? Most likely not, and this turns into unforeseen expenses for services that you may not even use.

So right now, make an audit of all the services that are signed and abandon those that you do not need. You will be surprised, but this will help you save a considerable amount.

2. Get satisfaction from instant purchase

It has long been proven that people are attracted to new things: when we see them, the brain begins to compare them with what we already have, and it immediately turns out that we have not enough for us all this time. Alas, the opportunity to instantly buy a new thing online deprives us of a chance to think carefully whether we need it at all.

In order to stop momentarily to “peck” on tempting offers of online stores, try to adhere to the next tactics: leave the thing in the “basket” for at least a day. If, opening it the next day, you will understand that you still need it, you can safely make a purchase. But there is a high probability that you will forget that you planned to buy something.

3. Develop co -dependence in relations

You think that without a partner you are without hands, and completely depends on your loved one? It may be difficult for you to independently make decisions and realize what exactly you feel? Or in order to feel solid and significant, you need an acute approval of a partner?

“If the goal of your life is to please everyone, sooner or later you will feel exhausted and powerless, if only because other people’s desires can be harmful to you,” explains Beverly Indzhel’s psychotherapist. -To tell others “no” is normal, especially if the interlocutor asks for something insignificant or if your views and opinions do not coincide ”.

4. Lie to like others

“I am almost still!”,” Yes, in the end it turned out not at all expensive “,” I do not watch TV “,” I do not care how I look “,” Yes, I also read this book “,” I am in order “,” There was a cork “, “I go to the hall four times a week” – often we pronounce these phrases on the machine, without hesitation, out of habit. Just in order to “fit” into the company, so that other people accept us.

It seems to us that this is a harmless lies, “lies in salvation”, but what will happen if we are once convicted of deception? Most likely, this will negatively affect our relations. Almost any lie in the long run is associated with stress, pain and anxiety, so the game definitely does not have a candle. Do not try to pretend to be someone else-look for people who will accept you as you are.

5. There is a monitor, a smartphone screen in front of a TV, a monitor

When we are distracted by the series, reading news or book, the probability of overeating increases. And some scientists, including Masaro Emoto, claim that our state is affected by what emotions we take water and food. The experiences that cause us to watch the series or reading the freest, far from always beneficial effects on digestion and our general well -being.

6. Use headphones for a long time

It would seem that it is so convenient: wireless headphones give unlimited freedom of action and movements, and we willingly use them, going to run, during household chores and on the way to work. But, alas, this can result in unpleasant consequences for our health: it is proved that prolonged use of headphones leads to hearing loss, the development of infections, dizziness and ringing in the ears.

7. Communicate with skeptics

Such people have a problem for your every solution. They carry any idea to your dust. Instead of supporting, they scare you with obstacles that may meet you in the way. It may seem that they wish you the best, but in reality this is not so.

To recognize such

Soroch – le descendant de la tunique romaine et, apparemment, le type de sous-vêtement le plus ancien. Historiquement, c’est une simple robe faite de tissu moche. Il a été mis sur tout le reste des vêtements pour le protéger de la sueur et de la graisse émanant du corps. En medicament pour l’erection au Moyen Âge, le silence était le seul objet de la garde-robe, qui a été lavé régulièrement. Jusqu’à nos jours, la chemise vivait sous la forme d’un t-shirt natif (option masculine) et combinaisons (option féminine).

a person in your environment, focus on your self -awareness. If it suddenly begins to seem to you that you are worthless, unable to a person, perhaps a toxic interlocutor next to you. Yes, our feelings are really our area of responsibility, and yet one cannot but agree that other people also affect us, and some of them should stay away.

Each of the above habits may seem insignificant and harmless. But in the long run they can negatively affect life. Of course, getting rid of them will not be easy, but your self -awareness is at stake. The faster you refuse everything that exhausts you, the faster you will feel better and can start moving towards your goals.

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