Almost every third of us believes that the husband has the right to hit his


wife – if there is “for what”. It turns out that such a mentality is an inheritance that our ancestors left us.

According to the surveys of Russians, almost every third of us believes that a man can beat a woman as a punishment for anything. And the level of application of physical punishments in families is, according to various estimates, from 50 to 95%. These figures look quite logical in the scientific collection that considers the problem of violence in the historical aspect. After all, as the authors show, including Psychologies, historian Natalya Pushkareva and sociologist Igor Kon, for centuries, cruelty to the weak (women and children) was the norm in the family and the state. Women were beaten with a fist and a whip, out of hatred and “for the sake of love education”, “simple” beatings and “unbearable”, in all classes, from peasants to aristocrats (in the proceedings of the synod due to domestic violence, for example, Musins-Pushkin, for example, were drawn,Dolgoruky, Hannibals). The pedagogy of “crushing the ribs” prevailed in raising children, and for a long time the law did not even punish the murder of illegitimate babies. And although “the history of punishments is the history of their gradual death,” the authors emphasize, in the conditions of authoritarian culture this process is much slower.

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